What are the IHNs?

The IHNs are regional umbrella organisations providing free ‘peer to peer’ support to industrial heritage sites and organisations, with the support of the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust. The IHNs’ members analyse each other’s experiences, good and bad, decide the best ways forward, discuss and brainstorm, deal with common issues and share best practice.

The IHNs bring together like-minded individuals who care about industrial heritage and archaeology, and its sustainability. They are open to anyone with interest in, and the passion for industrial heritage with a focus on preserved, publicly accessible sites. This includes staff members, volunteers, and private individuals involved with the sector in various capacities. Small, medium and big – a colliery, a mill, a canal – if it’s industrial heritage, get on board and join us!

Have a look at the Guidelines for more information about the IHNs.

blists hill 1
Blists Hill Victorian Town, Ironbridge Gorge Museums Trust