All About TikTok: Charity Digital’s Latest Guide to Using Social Media

Throughout 2021 Charity Digital has been providing introductory guides for charities who want to use social media to boost their reach and interaction with the public. Their latest guide is to the TikTok platform, which many IHN members may know from the Black Country Living Museum’s very successful and, in terms of industrial heritage, pioneering use of the platform in 2020 and 2021.

The popularity of social media app TikTok has rocketed in the past few years. It offers a mix of video content aimed at young adults and teenagers, such as lip syncing and dancing. The app is a topic of discussion in the charity sector because it offers plenty of scope for interesting fundraising ideas. You can find out more about using TikTok by following this link:

Charity Digital also provides short guides to these other Social Media platforms. Just follow the links below for further details:







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