Bath Stone Quarry Museum Trust Looking for Help

The Bath Stone Quarry Museum Trust is a charity set up by the David Pollard 30 years ago.  Until his untimely death in September 2017 he had collected a large number of items, documents and photos relating to the quarrying and transport of Bath Stone with the eventual intention of opening a museum.  The collection is safely housed in an industrial unit at Corsham – which was the centre of the quarrying business in later years. 

Last year the AIA part funded the restoration of the Trust’s Stothert and Pitt crane which is destined for display on the Riverside at Bath close to the site of the Stothert & Pitt works. The trustees recently commissioned Dr Peter Stanier to assess the importance of the collection.  He found that the collection was the most complete of its kind and not only of local, regional but also national importance.  The collection is unique in including tools that would have been recognised by Roman quarry men right through to massive machines in operation into the 21st Century.  One of the trustees has been carefully cataloguing the collection and David’s widow, Nina Roberts, is now looking for help with that work as well for additional trustees who could take forward the vision of a museum.

If you can help please contact Nina Roberts here:

Further details about this important collection can be found by following this link:

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