Historic England Climate Change & Cultural Heritage Webinar Series

Historic England have a range of free-to-watch webinars and one of the themes this autumn is climate change and cultural heritage. A growing number of industrial heritage sites are threatened not just by heavier rainfall, floods, and the consequent erosion, but by storms, heat waves, drought, and vegetation change.

‘Climate Friday’ is a series of webinars beginning 9th October focussing on the impact of climate change on heritage. Hosted by Historic England’s Environmental Strategy team, in collaboration with the Climate Heritage Network, they will provide delegates with an in-depth look at a range of topics related to climate change and cultural heritage presented by international experts in heritage and climate change research, policy and practice.

The first one is entitled ‘Thinking about interrelationships between the climate crisis and heritage’. Sign up here:


The Upper Furnace pool at Coalbrookdale, Ironbridge. Historic water management systems like these are vulnerable to sudden climate events.

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