Help Raise the Profile of Railway Heritage During the European Year of Rail

EFAITH, the European platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences of volunteers and associations concerning industrial and technical heritage, is looking to highlight and raise awareness about railway heritage across Europe during the European Year of Rail. Since railway heritage receives little attention within the concept and program of the European Year of Rail, EFAITH are in the process of building a specific website, as a way of highlighting the heritage dimension of the European Year of Rail.

At the moment the website consists of four databases:

  • 1) Who’s who – a list of organisations involved in the preservation and mise en valeur of railway heritage in Europe – to encourage networking
  • 2) a list of good examples of conservation and re-use of railway heritage (both buildings and infrastructure and lines)
  • 3) a list of activities that will be organised, i.e. a calendar
  • 4) a series of news items and press releases.

EFAITH are looking for organisations and volunteers to help build the website by adding railway news, events, and best practice items. If you would like to add material either go directly to the website above or contact the IHSO for further details ( In addition, EFAITH is running two online railway heritage webinars, the first on 10 May and the second on 7 June and are inviting short conference papers  from organisations presenting their experiences briefly (max. 15 minutes), in French or English. The English presentations will be summarised in French and vice versa.

EFAITH aims to encourage cross-border contacts and cooperation between industrial heritage organisations across more than 47 European countries. Details about what they do and who they are, can be found on there website here: EFAITH Home

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