Industrial Heritage Network Meetings for Spring 2022

The next round of Industrial Heritage Network meetings begins at the end of April 2022. The IHN networks are a chance to meet, online, those working, volunteering, or researching in the industrial heritage sector. There are ten regional groups and they are free to join. Members will have access to the latest Industrial Heritage news through the IHN e-bulletin (by-monthly), and will have the chance to promote their work through the IHN website and social media feeds, highlight initiatives and requests for help, or link up with similar sites in their region. Details on how to sign up are below.

This latest round of regional IHN meetings will look at how the post-COVID lockdown recovery is impacting industrial heritage sites, large and small. Is it business ‘as usual’ or has the COVID pandemic led to permanent changes in the way sites and organisations deal with the public and staff? How is your site coping with any maintenance backlog, recruiting volunteers, and reaching out to schools? We are keen to hear from individuals and sites about their experiences over the last six months.

To sign up to a regional IHN group email Dr Mike Nevell (IHSO officer) on:

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