Combe Mill to Recieve Engineering Heritage Award

Combe Mill industrial heritage museum is to receive the Engineering Heritage Award of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. The Awards recognizes pioneering engineering artefacts, locations, collections, and landmarks and celebrates the contribution of mechanical engineering to our past and present.

The award will be presented at Combe Mill by John Wood MBE, past President of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and Chairman of the Engineering Heritage Committee, on Sunday 21st August 2022 at 3:00 p.m. The citation on the award plaque will read: A fine example of a Victorian English estate workshop and sawmill. Restored by the Combe Mill Society volunteers, 1969-2012, it includes a beam engine and waterwheel. Combe Mill illustrates the impact of social and technological change on this rural English landscape.

Steve Foster, chairman of Combe Mill Society said, “Combe Mill is delighted and honoured to receive the Engineering Heritage Award. A dedicated stream of volunteers has worked hard to restore, preserve and demonstrate the historic mill, its people and its place in the local community for over 50 years and this award is a tribute to all their efforts.” For further details of the award follow this link:

Combe Mill can trace its origins back to the medieval period. The current grade II* listed buildings are a rare survival of a steam and water powered mill together with much original machinery still in operation. For further detail follow this link:

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