AIA 3rd East-West Workshop on Industrial Archaeology – Materialising Diversity, 19 November 2022

The Association for Industrial Archaeology’s East-West series of workshops aims to exchange ideas and knowledge among Western and Eastern colleagues to build a more international and diverse industrial archaeology. They are organised jointly with the Institute for Cultural Heritage and History of Science & Technology (USTB, China), together with AIA’s Young Members Board.

The third workshop aims to strengthen diversity within industrial archaeology by promoting diversity in a wide sense, considering, among others, its gender, generational, cultural, ethnic, racial, and geographical dimensions. More weight is given on this occasion to the work of women in industrial archaeology (which aims to counterbalance the majority of male speakers in our previous meetings), and the workshop also includes a contribution from Pakistan for the first time in an international IA event.

The speakers will be: Penelope FOREMAN (British Museum, UK); Dongdong WANG (University of Science and Technology Beijing, China); Florentina-Cristina MERCIU (University of Bucharest, Romania); and Sami ULLAH (The Urban Unit, Pakistan). They will discuss diversity and equality in industrial archaeology, the engagement of children and teenagers, the role of museums, and the chronological and geographical boundaries of the discipline. Book on Eventbrite by following this link:

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