Join Historic England & AIM’s Net Zero Roundtable

AIM and Historic England are hosting a roundtable discussion on Wednesday 25 Jan, 11-12.30 to understand what issues different orgs may be facing and what type of support they may need around working towards net zero.

Historic England is undertaking a piece of work to find out what stage organisations are at on their journey towards carbon net zero, what issues they may be facing and what type of support they may need. And they want to hear from you. Join AIM and Dan Miles, project lead for Historic England for this online roundtable to dive a bit deeper into some of the issues that may be affecting different parts of the sector.

This roundtable is open to non-members as well as AIM members, and is ideal for those with operational decision making at your museum.

To book your place on the Roundtable on 11am Wednesday 25 January click here>>

Sector net zero survey

A survey is also running to capture your feedback on the issues affecting your journey to net zero. If you can’t make the roundtable, you may want to share your input here instead.

Click here to take the survey>> 

There’s more info here:

This is a great opportunity to for organisations to learn and chat with each other, as well as helping AIM and Historic England understand how industrial heritage sites can be better support them.

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