Swingate Water Tower, Kimberley, Notts, Awarded Grade II Listed Building Status

In February 2023 the Swingate Water Tower, Kimberley, Nottinghamshire was awarded Grade II listed status through Historic England. The square-plan water tower was designed by Ritchie and Partners for the Corporation of Nottingham Water Department, in neo-classical style. It was built in the late 1940s and commissioned in 1950. It remained in use into the early 21st century. The water tower was topped with a tank capable of holding 80,000 gallons and the adjoining reservoir was built with a capacity of 4,000,000 gallons.

The listing describes the building as: “unusually architectural for a reinforced concrete water tower, and is designed with pleasing proportions in a striking neo-Georgian style”. It also noted that “the water tower forms an unusually architecturally-refined ensemble which goes far beyond what would be necessary merely for utility.” It has also been deemed as being historically interesting “as an expression of civic pride”.

This is in contrast with most post-war water towers, which were generally utilitarian structures of reinforced concrete, designed principally with practical considerations in mind.

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