Cromford Mills Receives Funding for Next Stage of Conservation Works

The Arkwright Society has been awarded a £249,599 grant from the National Heritage Lottery Fund. This will support engagement activities at Cromford Mills and aid education about this internationally important textile site.

Critical to the long term sustainability of the site is the next phase of regeneration at Cromford Mills, which will focus on the repair and repurposing of the remaining buildings on the site, in particular the iconic ‘First Mill’ built by Sir Richard Arkwright in 1771.  With £20,000 match funding from the Duke of Devonshire Charitable Trust, a refreshed masterplan will be commissioned, outlining a roadmap for the continuing regeneration of the Mills and a business plan for their future use. Sustainability is also a key theme for the Society, highlighted by the forthcoming installation of a turbine powered water wheel in one of the historic wheel pits at Cromford Mills. This work will help the Society make informed decisions as it writes the next chapter in the Cromford Mills story.

For further details follow this link:

Cromford Mills courtyard

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